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What is cheap Vodka good for? You might be surprised…

Posted by Kyle Smith on 26th Oct 2014

Like most items in our life we seem to base the quality of products by the price tag associated with them. For instance according to Joe Fleming some of the most expensive Vodkas run from $815 to $3.7 million dollars per bottle. But what about those cheap vodkas you overlook? Here is a list that might surprise you that you can do with that cheap bottle of Vodka that only cost you around 10 bucks though you might have to add some ingredients. Keep in mind I have not tried most of these but will be experimenting as well. If you plan to try any of the following start with something small then work up from there.

  • Drink it after filtering through a charcoal water filter (i.e. Brita etc.)
  • Use it as a hand sanitizer
  • Use it to clean windows and glasses
  • Impress the wife with less stinky shoes and feet by misting your shoes and soaking your feet.
  • If that doesn’t help with the wife, keep those flowers fresh by adding a teaspoon of vodka and sugar to the water.
  • Because it is a great solvent it will work well to remove sticky residue. GOO BE GONE!
  • To help save on dry cleaning, try misting those garments to help remove smell and odors, but this does not work for stains.
  • Make your very own mouthwash
  • Ever had a specific workout bottle that just seems to keep a funky smell? Try sanitizing it with vodka.
  • Use it to disinfect wounds, treat poison ivy, repeal insects, and help your face stay clean by using it is a natural astringent.
  • Make you very own homemade extracts and all purpose cleaner
  • To help reach into those hard to clean grout lines use vodka to clean the mold and mildew
  • Prolong razor life by soaking in Vodka. This helps the razor from rusting and stays disinfected.
  • Make homemade ice packs
  • Helps with sore throats and with earaches
  • Helps to achieve that great hair that you have wanted
  • Stain remover and soak screws in it to remove rust