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Restaurant Safety Tips

Posted by Kyle Smith on 16th Feb 2015

In every business we want to be as efficient as possible. To help with that we also need to make sure that we are being as safe as possible. It will be very hard for someone to be efficient if they not there because they got hurt on the job. The list below is some of the factors that your restaurant employees need to take into consideration when working.

  • Safely operate all equipment and handle chemicals with care –Instructions and recommended operating gear are there for your safety. While you might think some are extreme if they saved you from injury you would think differently.
  • Wash Hands Frequently and thoroughly – While this safety tip affects you and helps keep you healthy. It also reduces the chance for your customers to have germs and bacteria spread to them.
  • Be aware of surroundings – Keep walking paths clear of obstacles and keep floors dry. If you do clean up a spill make sure to post wet floors signs so others may know.
  • Prepare for emergencies – Every employee should have some idea of what to do in the event of most emergencies. Obviously know one can plan for everything, but you can plan for the most common emergencies. These emergencies could include but are not limited to: accidents, natural disasters, fires, and violent situations.
  • Minimize strains and sprains – According to OSHA.gov the most common injury is sprains and strains. They make up for 1/3 of injuries reported in restaurants. Therefore, make sure that your employees know the proper way to lift and eliminate excessive reaching.
  • Restaurant knife safety:
    • Correct knife for each job
    • Sharpen knives regularly (and only if you know how) and discard all defective, chipped, cracked, or broken knives.
    • Make sure to never leave knives soaking in water, consider wearing cut resistant gloves, and always sheathe or store the knife correctly after use.
  • Be aware of the OSHA standards
  • The last tip is probably one of the most important but easiest to discard. Stay focused on the task that you are working on. Distractions are the major causes of most accidents.

While this is a short list please be aware that safety should be a huge concern for every restaurant. Safety should be especially important to the owner because every accident is going to cost you money because of the workers compensation claim and because of that employee missing work. Also, be aware of all of the OSHA standards that apply to your industry.