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Keep Your Restaurant Clean and Green

Posted by Nicole Spedding on 12th Oct 2014

We all want to work and dine in a safe environment. Taking the exposure of chemicals out of the Restaurant will improve the safety conditions to employees and patrons alike. Research shows that better indoor air quality will increase employee performance and can reduce health problems and sick days for workers.

According to recent studies done by both the Government and non-profit studies, exposure to chemicals and toxins found in common cleaning products can cause reproductive problems, lung issues, and multiple forms of cancer. In fact, in 2013, the American Association of Poison Control Centers listed cleaning substances as one of the top three most common reasons for poison exposure in adults.

The Environmental Working Group did and investigation of more than 2,000 cleaning supplies and found that frequent exposure to many common cleaning supplies is linked to the development of asthma and other respiratory problems. They also found that common cleaning ingredients can be laced with 1,4- dioxane which is a carcinogen. Other products contain cancer causing formaldehyde. Some have been known to cause chemical burns and sever irritations and allergies.

Benefits of Going Green

  • Greener is Cleaner – according to the EPA, indoor pollution is 2-5 times higher than outdoor pollution
  • Product Safety – Green cleaners are non corrosive and meet strict standards regarding skin absorption, inhalation toxicity, and combustibility.
  • Ingredient List – Green products list the ingredients used while most non green products do not because the government does no require ingredients to be listed on any cleaning product.
  • Workspace Health – There will no longer be any chemicals to breathe in or absorb into the skin and no more chemical residue sitting on surfaces.
  • Air Quality Improvement – Green products typically use natural essential oils that offer a much more pleasant scent than harsh chemicals.
  • Lower Cost – Environmentally friendly products have become much more cost competitive.
  • All Around Better for the Environment – Switching to green products can help reduce pollution to our water and air and it can minimize the impact on the ozone. Most green packaging is intended to be recycled.

Methods for Going Green

  • Use Microfiber – Mops and rags made of real microfiber require less water and chemicals, clean better and are reusable. Microfiber was actually designed to pick up dust and bacteria without water or chemicals.
  • Avoid single use items – If paper towels are necessary, buy products made from recycled paper; cleaning with recycled cloth or reusable sponges can work just as well.
  • Conserve Water – only mix the amount of cleaning solution needed for the task at hand and keep in mind that green cleaners have few harsh chemicals so they do not need to be rinsed as thoroughly.
  • Save Energy – Try to sweep in place of vacuuming and use cold water instead of hot when possible.
  • Keep it Simple – Most things can be cleaned with a general cleaner, stick with just a few that can accomplish the tasks you need.


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