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How to Install Your Gasket

Posted by Nicole Spedding on 14th Sep 2014

Now that you have found the gasket needed for your unit and it has been delivered, how do you install it?

  1. The first thing you want to do it take your shiny new gasket out of the box and run it through your commercial dishwasher or soak in a bucket of hot water. This will help remove any kinks or twists that have occurred during shipping and make installation so much easier!
  2.  Remove your old gasket by starting at the corner and pulling. Once you have a corner loose, the rest should be pretty easy to remove. If you have a screw in gasket, you will need to work your way around the door to remove all of the screws. 
  3. Now that you have a gasket free door, take this opportunity to get in there and really clean the door. Make sure to get into the dart track as well. 
  4. Start installing your new gasket at the top corners, pushing those into place. Next, move to the center of those corners and push in and work the rest in evenly. Repeat for all sides. 
  5. Be aware that it may take a few days for your gasket to form the maximum seal. It is a good idea to change out gaskets when you will be able to leave the door closed for a long period of time, maybe when you are getting ready to close. Letting the door stay shut for a long period of time will allow the pvc to mold to the shape of the door and seal properly. 

Ta Da, you have just installed a gasket! For additional help, check out this video.